Why you should get a car detail after your Christmas road trips

Hitting the road with family or friends to your favourite holiday destination is a great way to de-stress and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Get some snacks and put on your favourite driving tunes and leave all your stress in the rearview mirror. Whether you’re taking your family on a camping getaway or you and your friends pack up and head to a festival your vehicle will cop some debris in the form of dirt and snacks down the side of seats. Bugs will be smashing onto your windscreen and dust will gather. It’s part and parcel of road trips. After all the fun has been had, and your car is looking like a homeless person has been living in it, there’s only one thing to do.  Clean it! As we all know cleaning is a boring, laborious task and the results are never as good as the professionals So when you return home there is no better time to your car professionally detailed inside and out, so it’s fresh and clean to start the new year.

Detailing your car after a Christmas road trip is essential. A nice clean car will maintain its value and stop your interior from degrading, therefore, decreasing the value of your car. Once your interior starts to get messy, it can be a slippery slope. Next thing you know you’ll be finding Maccas fries and half sucked candy under the seats. Don’t put it off too long.  The more filth in your interior, the harder and longer it will take to clean, making it costlier. The interior of your car will suffer, and the fabrics will degrade, roaches and insects will start making your precious chariot into a home. It’s best to nip on the butt sooner rather than later.

Getting your car professionally detailed is a small investment and will ensure that your prize possession comes back in pristine condition. They take time and care and use a variety of techniques that the average joe has no clue about and get in every nook and cranny making your shine like new. There are even professional detailing services that will come to you. The mobile detailers come to your house with their van loaded full of cleaning products and perform their duties on the spot. It’s so easy, effortless and convenient. Exterior detailing is just as important as interior and goes far beyond the wash and wax. Exterior detailing can restore or even exceed the original paint job. They also use a variety of techniques to have your wheels, windows and tires looking great and sometimes looking better than the original condition. They will even polish your car and remove exterior surface scratches

You may think you’re an amazing car detailer, but the fact is professionals have the tools not commonly found in your average home. They special tools and cleaning products not readily used by the public such as steam cleaners and stain removers to get down and remove the dirt and grime often overlooked.

Professional car detailers know their business, and the fact that they can come to you is a handy service and really a no-brainer. For a small fee, your car will be cleaned and restored and in some cases looking better than it did before you decided to take your friends to that festival.  For a fresh start to the new year give your car the tender loving care it deserves, and it will serve you in the new year.  After all, there is nothing like that new car smell, even in an old one.

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