4 Reasons to Quit Your Seafarers Job

For many people, a seafarer’s job is the ideal career. It provides financial security as well as an opportunity to visit various countries and experience many cultures. However, succeeding in the maritime industry is not as easy as one may think. Only the bravest hearted sailors can last on board the ship. Among various reasons why a lot of seafarers quit their jobs and change career plan, some are following. If you were also looking for some reasons to quit your seafarer’s job, then these reasons may help you.

Health Issues

The sea may seem majestic and ethereal in pictures and books but actually living on a ship and sailing for weeks on end is different from it. Not all people can make it on a ship for longer periods of time. For people who are prone to excessive seasickness, a seafarers job is out of the question but even for people who are healthy, the hectic life on board can have drastic effects on their health. Seafarers usually have irregular work hours combined with erratic sleeping schedules, stress, unfriendly environment and unavailability of fresh food, all of this factor can ruin the health of seafarers. If you are experiencing health issues, you should quit your job early in the career before your health worsens.

Financial Concerns

Even though the maritime industry offers many financial benefits to seafarers, the actual long term benefits are less. Seafarer’s job is perfect for short term financial goals but it creates financial concerns in the long run. Most seafarers, sooner or later declare non-residency in their native country which makes them unable to gain retirement benefits from the government. Moreover, with the constant change in maritime tax and accounting laws, it becomes exceedingly difficult to pay taxes and maintaining your status. You should quit your maritime job early on if you are facing financial difficulties.

Lack of Social Life

A seafarer’s job means sailing for weeks and months on board without ever encountering another ship and living with only the crew mates. This creates a lack of social life that most people are not suited for. Also, staying away from your family and friends has negative psychological effects on people. Seafarers are prone to frustration, loneliness and homesickness which reduce their productivity and instead create additional problems for the people on board. If you are a social bird and cannot endure the lack of social life on the ship, then it is better to quit your job or not consider maritime industry as a career option at all.

Increase in Maritime Piracy

The threat of pirates is not something that only happens in tales. Maritime piracy is a real-time threat even in this day and age. Almost every month, pirates hijack a lot of ships and hold the crew hostage in demand for ransom and political gains. Seafarers do not want to risk their lives doing such a dangerous job even with the availability of weapons in order to fight the pirates off. If you want a stable and safe job, maritime industry may not be for you.

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