Why press releases are so crucial in 2018?

The history of press releases is very old when Ivy Lee, a professional public relation agent, wrote about the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck incident. It was Oct 28, 1906, to be exact and Ivy was working with Pennsylvania Railroad Company at that time. That was the first ever press release printed in which Lee presented all the details of the wreck for the journalists and then allowed them to inspect the premises and gather their facts. One of the other interesting facts about this first ever press release is that this press release was printed in the same format in which it was written.

Since then the press releases have become an effective source of channeling for the organizations and corporations through which they can communicate with the public and their consumers. This is the best way of putting the information out and is used for both business to consumer and business to business communications. But press releases these days are not the same as they were used to be in early times. With introduction of new innovative press release firms like NewswireNEXT, they have evolved a lot and have become more efficient than ever.

We are not only talking about the format of the press releases, but we are also mentioning the writing style and its usage on different platforms. There are now professional press release writers who use a specific format for the press releases with which they make the press releases more effective and makes sure that it provides the information that it is supposed to. The press release that Lee wrote back in 1906 was an attempt to preempt the bad press. It was not intended to be written for the commercial purposes. But today you will see press releases written for new products, services, public gathering events and even for the improved brand image.

However, there was an era where it was used for the damage control purposes as well. Whether it is a political scandal or a normal life event, press releases stand out to be the best public relations tool. And since the evolution of social media this tools has just got more effective than ever. Almost every corporation has adopted this tool, and they are already experiencing the benefits of it. Social media has changed the way of communication and people are now realizing the power of social media. For many, it has now become a familiar marketing tool, and some are in the phase of gaining a new purpose. Regardless of the situations, social media is the best alternative to share your press releases and to distribute it to the audience.

Press releases and SEO:

Although, newspapers and magazines have their importance but what digital media has to offer will take the press releases to another level. One of the best thing that digital media has to offer is search engine optimization. This means that you can work on your press releases and can make it visible to the public. Search engines have their algorithms that are designed to prefer the content that has keywords and backlinks. You can put the related keywords and backlinks of your website in your press releases and can help it to appear in the top searches. This means more people will be able to read your press release.

How a press release will work for you:

Since the invention of the press releases, it has a variety of purpose to offer, and some of them are:

  • Inexpensive advertising
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Trust and reputation building
  • Communication with consumers and industry experts
  • Can go viral

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